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03.08.2017 - 21:03
We moved to a new host!
Michelle's Stage-Select did as well. Michelle hosted me all these years without asking me anything (but once last year when I helped her in a tight spot) and I am very thankful of her. But the hosting service she was using was starting to become a bit of a burden for her about the costs. Because the hosting was in the US and she was in Canada, the currency exchange wasn't great. We started considering a new host.
Peter, who for those from the old forums knew as Gwellin, offered to host both of us free of charge. It was very kind of him and helped both of us to do the move to new servers. And I can't thank him enough, as much as I can't thank Michelle enough for again hosting me since 2006! More than ten years!
During the move, Peter made so that I use my own domain name. So update your bookmarks to and stay tuned when I resume the current story arc.
On that last note, I also thank all the people who still are coming to the site hoping I did something new. My current hiatus is a long story involving work, schedule slips and other projects which I'm going to explain at the same time I post a new "Critique is not Censorship" page, preferably before the end of August. Though I'm not promising anything yet unless I'm 100% sure.
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