Yeppoh Online - Art and Comics

By Stefano Collavini

Please, come back! I have muffins!

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About the mortal behind this...

"I'm a germano-italian born in Switzerland in 1980, living actually in France (including a Polnish grandmother somewhere). Which is kinda funny in a conversation. The people who really need to categorize me get easily confused. So normally I let them give me the nationality they want. I don't mind. The difference is as virtual as the goblins living inside my computer. Although 'sentient living being' is a more considerate title to me personally."


About what he does...

"Talking about living... I'm a wild Freelance Illustrator and Graphist lurking around this ferocious yet delightful World of Art where everyone try to fight their way up to the State of Glory or through the Land of Recognition. And like everyone I have a quest! I do commissions of family friendly pictures that fulfill the needy fantasies of people. Yeah... Family friendly fantasies. No oxymoron intended.

What's mysterious though: sometimes I have some loose periods. So loose I have plenty of time to complete 'Odin Sphere', 'Okami', 'Xenogears' and 'Disgaea: Hours of Darkness' at 101%. Twice. In the same day! Times flows differently when boredom approaches the speed of light. And then suddenly... Everybody. At the same time!!! They commission me an Art Request! *gasp* I guess because an Evil Warlock is about to destroy humanity every time the month is a prime number. You know the drill. An apocalyptic end of the world with that raptures and what-not. And as any tsundere I'll be happy to do what has been asked without complaining like my french 'compadre' next door. Because I frigging LOVE THIS JOB!!!"


  • CG and Traditional Painting and Illustrations
  • Concept Art, Character and Background Design
  • 3D Modeling, Rigging, Mapping and Animation
  • Storyboard, Dialogs and Narrative Work
  • CG and Traditional Inking and Lineart
  • 2D CG Animation
  • Game Scripting
  • 2D Pixel Art
  • Html, CSS


  • Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Artrage
  • Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash
  • 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effect
  • Nintendo Nitro Tools

About what he did...

"I've been working mainly for the video game industry since 2006. Backgrounds were done for the "So Blonde" Click & Play Adventure Game franchise, including some occasional Character Design, 3d Models, and many other things. I had the chance to read the scripts Steve Ince did for the game. By reverse engineering his work I could relatively understand how game stories are written. That was a thrilling experience. Concerning some little games developped for the Nintendo DS I produced the good old Pixel Art and Animation, pleased to see the 2D won't die that easily. Although its glory is often tarnished. Working on High Definition 2D games that are more ambitious to the genre like 'Muramasa - The Demon Blade' or 'Warioland: Shake It!' would have been a nice kick for my career.
I also took a part into projects like Saint Seiya RPG, Maniac Shooter "Ilios", and a trading card game.

To punctuate there are some illustrations for magazines, then backgrounds for animated shorts or series project, and also wish card designs that can be added to my portfolio. I'm eclectic and versatile enough to actually work on anything that involve at the very least a pen and a drawing surface of any kind, mostly cellulose, since I consider that anything that this Universe may contain can be put on paper. Anything! Even void."

2009 - Lexis Numérique

  • 2D Pixel Graphist
  • Animation and Implementation
Nintendo DS :
  • "Home Designer"
  • "Pooyoo"
  • "Metropolis"
  • "Oncle Ernest"

2006 to 2008 - WizarBox

  • 2D/3D Graphist - Illustrator
  • 2D/3D Animator
  • Background Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • After Effect multimedia
  • Storyboard
PC :
  • "So Blonde" (2007)
Nintendo DS :
  • "So Blonde" (2008)
Nintendo Wii :
  • "So Blonde" (2008)

2005 - Hachette Multimedia

  • 500 vector illustrations for educational software "AtoutClic"

About what he will do...

"I aspire to become a full elitistic Comic Artist. I have many stories that have been written that need to be drawn. Since I'm someone who's curious enough to try whatever tool falls into my hands, there's also a Point & Click Adventure Game on the road, coded with the AGS Engine. I don't know when I'm going to finish it though.

Also with some friends we're projecting to open our own Video Game Studio. However if the french system thwarts our motivation and creativity forcing us to follow their cheap forte being shovelwares - the ones that are dulling the dignity of the Wii at the moment - odds are we will delocalize over Atlantic."
Web only Comics
  • "Paidos Philia" - in preproduction phase
  • "... Home" - in concept phase
  • THAS Spinoff - "French Bolognese" - in concept phase
  • THAS Spinoff - "The Devil, the Sceptic and the Child" - in concept phase

About his education...

"I'm fairly good at Mathematics, Logic, and I love analyze things from a scientific point fo view. I had the choice between the Federal Polytechnical School of Lausanne (I wanted a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics) and the Pivaut Art School in Nantes for comics and animation. No I'm serious. I was accepted from both schools. Guess what I chose? Exactly! The Pivaut Art School.
For three years, from 2002 to 2005, I learned about anatomy, composition and how to wield correctly a pencil; also that drawing Manga is bad, although no-one ever explained me why. Even the publishers are cryptic about that topic. Anyway, what I know about tools like Photoshop, Painter, After Effect, 3D Studio Max I learned to use them mostly by myself, and sometimes quite recklessly before a job interview - like using Pro Motion for a Pixel art animation. It was the first time I did that and they were pleased for the work I did once hired. Nobody noticed. Softwares are just all designed following the same line of logic anyway.

On a side note I could still study for the doctorate in Quantum Mechanics if I wanted to. Since, I've been many times considered more of a scientist than an artist from the Art Professionnals, while however from the real Scientists it's the opposite.

Oh! By the way I must not forget to subscribe to Nature Magazine. I need something more fleshy to chew on. The science magazines around here are losing substance."