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Please, come back! I have muffins!

03.08.2017 - 21:03
We moved to a new host!
Michelle's Stage-Select did as well. Michelle hosted me all these years without asking me anything (but once last year when I helped her in a tight spot) and I am very thankful...
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25.12.2015 - 11:18
Happy Holidays and everything!

The comic will be resumed. SOON!...
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27.06.2015 - 21:26
And now for something completely different...

The comic is on the starting block again. So don't worry. The next update will be up soon, aiming to finish it for end September. Of this year.

In the m...
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01.06.2015 - 14:15
Welp! It's maybe time for a little update on what's going on.

Plenty of things actually. These past three months had a lot of work that piled up, alongside little projects to avoid routine fatigue. T...
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16.02.2015 - 22:48
It's that time of the month again!

Where I post a comic due four weeks ago!!! Gyah!

But there's also a lot of stuff going on that I will share to you in due time. Games, youtube stuff and games.

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15.01.2015 - 23:17
Damn you Zeal! For going inception on me with Nether Gundam! This silliness is your fault!

Pick your earworm :
1. Sorakake ->
2. Gundam ->
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08.01.2015 - 21:35
These giants...

... are actually very small. #jesuischarlie...
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06.01.2015 - 02:36
Well. Well. Welllll. Look who's finally decided to show up!

Also, Happy New Year.

I started this page last October the 3rd. This has to be the longest it took for me to do a comic page. And it's not...
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25.12.2014 - 11:48
Merry Merriness!

While I'm preparing the comic to resume, I wish you all the best up to the new year and afterwards....
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25.09.2014 - 12:42
Kids. Never leap to a giant's head unless you're really sure to slay it down.

Because not everybody can get a ridiculously strong derped british spotted pony that can help you with a safe landing. A ...
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15.09.2014 - 17:06
Well. It was about time.

Needless to say, these past weeks of august and september were quite eventful.

Off the top of my head...

A massive Solar Storm that unfortunately I wasn't able to see the a...
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30.08.2014 - 22:57
"Where's the comic?" you might ask.

It's coming as soon as I have freed myself from the clutches of rabid radical right-winged SJW white knights. They are calling me Patricia for some reasons, and th...
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04.08.2014 - 15:51
I'm going meta here.

I've already established that I check both sides before deciding which one I choose. But it has a major drawback. The line that separates those two said sides blurs the more I lo...
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16.07.2014 - 01:30
Let's have a minute of silence for those who have fallen last 4th of July.

Mighty social justice warriors and knights from Tumblr have chosen that fateful day, as a symbol, to go on a raid far into t...
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04.07.2014 - 12:21
That's our sergeant! *cue trombone*

At this point a music theme for the sergeant is in order. Too bad my composition skills aren't up to par for that. Yet.

I'm not giving any promises any more for ...
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18.06.2014 - 22:22
Comic is coming.

I have some knotty weeks. I have faith in your patience.

So meanwhile, here's a dumb picture someone shared. =3...
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03.06.2014 - 00:57
Never miss an occasion to get something good from something bad.

And thus we're entering the last act! Aha! Told you things are going to get really messy. Or flammy.

I had this page in my head for m...
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26.05.2014 - 23:31
And we finally arrived at the end of the second act.

Woopee! Gold! Mountain in Germany!

Next update, the third and last act will happen. Things are going to get a little bit more messy. Story wise. ...
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13.05.2014 - 18:18
While the next comic is on the starting blocks,...'s some unashamed promotion on another game I was working on my free time since december 2012. Aside from "Meeting Noeroze" that is, which I h...
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10.05.2014 - 00:27
In the moonlight shines a dancing blue horse, as in a saga told by a warrior Norse!

Remember kids. Never let me write you a song.

Also welcome to all new readers who discovered this website - "My Ma...
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21.04.2014 - 21:20
A short intermission with this omake.

I wasn't really satisfied with the writing of the two upcoming pages. So adding to my busy schedule as of late I wasn't able to finish the new text in time to co...
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07.04.2014 - 13:03
Here we go.

That was some strong soap and non-toxic thinner our protagonist used there. Because cleaning dried paint out from fur isn't an easy task. The pony seems to like it.
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04.04.2014 - 23:08
Since there's someone who's messing with the universe's space-time matrix just to annoy me...

Here's something related, but a little different while waiting for the page to be finished.

Do you see t...
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25.03.2014 - 15:43
Getting back to my normal schedule. I hope.

Baby steps.

The cool thing with this comic, I can experiment practically anything without the feeling of the deep breath of an editor flowing down my nec...
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13.03.2014 - 23:33
Do you know what's more embarrassing than not being able to keep a promise about a delay because of many factors?

Me neither.

I hope I didn't alienate too many readers that came last Monday, and see...
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06.03.2014 - 23:20
The comic is still on the fire.

I'm a bit on the slow drive right now, because... well... You guessed it! Real life stuff is paving the road. And I don't like to rush stuff. It should be finished fo...
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27.02.2014 - 22:19
Well. That's pretty much how my train of thoughts works when processing new informations that can lead to an epiphany.

A convoluted mental flowchart.

Who knew that silencing a loud device co...
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21.02.2014 - 01:01
Mystery solved!

I'm really not nice to the eyes of those Giants, am I? But this might explain why they have such a scowl when looking for little tiny humans from ten stories high. More to it, next ep...
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10.02.2014 - 13:27
The plush pit was a dream I had, but I cannot remember the context for the life of me.

It was fitting for this part of the story. In my first draft I wanted Nefasto to land into something like a scep...
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30.01.2014 - 23:02
That poor giant. I'm not kind with his eyes.

Welp. Panic either brings the right decisions or the wrong ones. In the hero's case here : it started great, then something wrong got in the way.
Good thi...
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22.01.2014 - 21:15
While we're at the topic of glass...

Check this stuff about the Prince Rupert's Drop which is another form of tempered glass, but with greater compression stress at the surface that gives its strange...
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20.01.2014 - 13:37
Welp. Things haven't been thought all the way through.

On the bright side, our protagonist got it lucky. Tempered glass has the good property of shattering into little chunks. Not like REGULAR PLATE ...
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16.01.2014 - 14:31
I still need some time to finish this page.

While it hasn't a lot of backgrounds - a lot of boxes though -, my work these past days has put a damper on my steamy progress. See you this week-end!...
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06.01.2014 - 12:39
Say "Playing a Polly Pocket on a Pink Pony Prop" ten times really fast!

Haha! I'm no good with tongue twisters. Yet, they are fun to find out.

A man can wistand a sudden horizontal acceleration up t...
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30.12.2013 - 11:43
Playing the hero is a risky business.

Trying to do, say, prove the right thing is not bad per se, but more often than not it puts anyone in trouble for reasons I still cannot fathom - especially when...
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25.12.2013 - 23:32
Best wishes to you all!

While our protagonist is stuck with a - ahem - huge problem, we are partaking at the festivities of the winter solstice and the birth of the new sun. Or did I mix up with some...
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16.12.2013 - 12:34
At last! Here it is!

I have no excuses for the lateness of this one. I had such a great time at the AdventureX event and in London, I've somewhat lost some steam finishing this busy page. And the nex...
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05.12.2013 - 00:50
Comic postponed for next Wednesday!

Due to many things I had to do these past days for work, and my preparations for the AdventureX Convention in London this week-end, I had very little time for this...
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29.11.2013 - 15:30
Wondering how I ink and colour my pages?

Fret not! Here's a speeded up video of me doing exactly that on the latest 12th page of "Critique is not Censorship"....
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27.11.2013 - 18:57
Seid ihr das Essen ? Nein, wir sind die J├Ąger !

Kick in da music, Vinyl! Because we're jumping into the second act!

Haha! "Shingeki no Kyojin" reference: check. I finally have this out of the syste...
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19.11.2013 - 23:23
Get ready for the song next wednesday!!!

I'm a heavy sleeper. And sleeping is something I like a lot. I can almost sleep everywhere.
There are nonetheless a handful of things that can wake me up in a...
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12.11.2013 - 23:31
Dun dun DUUUUN !

And with this we're at the end of the first act. The setting is... well... set. So are the characters and the conflict.
It's time for crush everything!...
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12.11.2013 - 15:17
A bit of shameless promotion while waiting for the comic.

Last week was hectic and the comic will be finished this evening. So here I am to promote an iPhone puzzle game where I did the art and anima...
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06.11.2013 - 11:41
Ever heard of quantum immortality?

This goes with the theory of the multiverse, one that would share some light about quantum superposition. Imagine a guy crossing a road and gets hit by a car. At th...
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05.11.2013 - 00:23
Next update will be this Wednesday.

It's another one of those pages where I've got too overzealous again....
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31.10.2013 - 23:26
And the last one to go before bed.

Have a good night sleep. See you next year!...
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31.10.2013 - 22:36
Critters horror!

Especially those that can crawl under our skin!...
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31.10.2013 - 21:13
It's time for some witchcraft!

This is a ritual to get a new pair of pants, made from the skin of a dead person....
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31.10.2013 - 19:25
Why not go on some vacation?

At the Skeleton Lake?!...
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31.10.2013 - 17:42
When things are too innocent let us give it some gloomy spice.

Here's the "My Little Pony Theory"....
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31.10.2013 - 16:02
A good scary story always needs to be told in the right environment.

Like in an abandoned veterinary school...?...
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31.10.2013 - 14:38
Movies taught me we can recognize horrible serial killers from their fitting villainous look.

Well. Meet "The Giggling Nanny"! I don't know what to believe anymore!...
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31.10.2013 - 13:34
A little game to give you the chills?

Here's 'Ib'. For free!...
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31.10.2013 - 11:46
What is scary is not the monster that suddenly jumps at you.

But the monster that you know might eventually jump at you, and loves to play the waiting game.

That's pretty much describes nuclear bom...
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31.10.2013 - 10:09
It's Samhain today, also know as Halloween. The time to tell scary stories and that's exactly what I'm going to post during this day 'till midnight.

Our first scary story is what I call the 'Compulsi...
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28.10.2013 - 11:15
Plot twist!

Well. Not really. Why our protagonist find this a shocking revelation will be explained later.
Right now he had to briefly deal with people who have their heart at the right place(?), tha...
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22.10.2013 - 00:06
Kids are nice.

When they want something, they mostly don't know why. When they know what they want, they don't know how to reason it. When they see something they want, they don't care how they will ...
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16.10.2013 - 22:04
Well... At least there's a lot of fiber in that bread.

We human cannot metabolize wood pulp (yet), essentially made of cellusose. It fills the stomach, goes straight through the digestive tract and w...
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15.10.2013 - 11:12
By Jove! What is happening?

Well. I've got a bit overzealous with my backgrounds on this page. So... The comic will be a bit late and postponed for tomorrow.

So people... Please... Don't panic....
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07.10.2013 - 21:13
It's always easier to overcome a misunderstanding when people are open to listen.

There's a reason why I have some hard times standing generic chick flicks or any romantic comedies using misunderstan...
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30.09.2013 - 18:36
I don't participate in a lot of discussions, but when I do they think I'm siding against... er... whatever they were discussing.

It isn't a general rule, but it happens often. I once said I like whit...
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23.09.2013 - 11:05
What is this place filled with so many... er... windmills?

Hum... I wonder....
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16.09.2013 - 10:37
A journey always begins by meeting an old man.

They are wise. They answer you with riddles and/or cryptic phrases that will be used as an epiphany when the hero is in a pinch. They always show the wa...
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09.09.2013 - 10:59
I should seriously stop overthinking about little things.

But where's the fun of not overthink about things? It's good for creativity!

For those who read 'Earldom Of Lie' should recognize the 'Throu...
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31.08.2013 - 21:45
And I'm baaaaack!

With a new layout design for the website, a new posting and comment section with facebook stuff, and a new story arc that will begin next week. In other words... a new start!
Or is ...
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