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04.04.2014 - 23:08
Since there's someone who's messing with the universe's space-time matrix just to annoy me...

Here's something related, but a little different while waiting for the page to be finished.

Do you see the attached image? This is one of the pages of a now deceased webcomic - I can't seem to find it anymore - called "The Storybook Logic" by Yosai I discovered back in the late February 2006. A pretty obscure and short one, kind of a blog comic, that I kinda loved. Does it remind you of anything?

Here's an hint for you.

Yup! "The Storybook Logic" was the major inspiration of "Through Happiness and Sarcasm". First a oneshot page, then a challenge of 46 pages in 3 weeks, just because I was unemployed and bored. If I hadn't stumbled on that webcomic, and then had the chance to be hosted later that same year by Michelle "Iris" Rochon, this humble website would have never existed. I'm sure I didn't thank Michelle enough for hosting me all these years. I'll have to fix that.

And Yosai, whatever you're doing now and if by chance, like I did on yours, you stumble on this website, thank you for your charming "The Storybook Logic".
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